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Perspective Drawing

Perspective Drawing

Saturday 10 August
Audubon Park - 10am - 2 Hours
Anthony Harper
Perspective drawing is a technique used in art to create the illusion of depth and three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface

In this workshop, we will explore the art of creating depth and dimension in your drawings through the use of perspective.

Our experienced instructors will guide you through the process of understanding and applying the principles of perspective.

Perfect for complete beginners.
Come along to our meetups to improve your art in a relaxed and social atmosphere, and under the guidance of a professional instructor. Complete beginners to experienced artists all welcome.

Our 2 hour meetups are held in a different location each time, usually outdoors.

Bring your own materials which can be anything from pencils or pastels, to watercolour or oils.

If you are a complete beginner all you need to start are a couple of good drawing pencils, a rubber, and a drawing pad.

Who can attend? Open to all skill levels, from beginners to experienced artists. The instructor is there to help everyone.

The meeting point and full details for the day are sent in the booking confirmation email to the email address you provide at time of booking.

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Our meetups and classes are limited to a max of 12 people
Brisbane Art Group
Memphis Art Group
Title or Location: Aztec Dragon
I was living in Texas when I created this. Inspired by the feel and colors of the area. It is Prismacolor colored pencils on Strathmore 400 series paper.
Credit: Chrystal Awalt
Instagram: chrystals _art_space
Tampa Art Group

Memphis Art Group
Title or Location: Aaron and Alex
I'm afraid I might have sent the wrong image the first time.
Credit: Boo Mason
Facebook: @achickwithabrush
Instagram: @achickwithabrush
Tampa Art Group
Memphis Art Group
Title or Location: Aaron and Alex
This portrait painting is a commission that was made as an anniversary gift for Alex from her boyfriend Aaron. They are celebrating 3 years together.
Credit: Boo Mason
Facebook: Boo Mason
Instagram: achickwithabrush

Melbourne Art Group
Memphis Art Group
Title or Location: Edgar A. Poe waited
My name is Tecie and Im a Trauamatic Brain Injury Survivor going on 14 yrs. Due to drunk driver then to life support then coming back as child in adult body I learned walking , everything all over. I didnt even know I painted but asked husband when he would finish this piece and he said it was mine, I did it. It only had a little done and took me time to get up nerve. But Poe was with me before wreck and waited on me when I came home. He gave me reason to start a new day everyday and try t
Credit: Tecie Sossaman
Orlando Art Group

Memphis Art Group
Title or Location: Lil Beast
This is created by assembling smaller segments of Mahogany cut at angles to achieve the horn. It was carved using micro carvers and wood burning tools. Then, colored with acrylic and mounted on a piece of Ebony. It is about 5 wide and 11 tall. It is currently on display at the Jerry Drown Gallery at Arrowmont School for the Arts in Gatlinburg, Tn. It was first exhibited in a Tennessee Craft Collaboration Show that I was a part of.
Credit: Rick Cannon
Facebook: RixWoodWurx
Instagram: RixWoodWurx
Orlando Art Group
Memphis Art Group
Title or Location: Untitled
Work in progress, acrylic painting
Credit: Janette Moreno
Instagram: janette_moreno8210

Basingstoke Art Group
Title or Location: Moroccan rugs and cushions.
This is a gouache painting on watercolour paper and measures 6x4ins. Our theme in art class was Moroccan markets and this particular scene offered colour, architecture and sunshine without the heaving masses. I shall attempt a crowded scene next time.
Credit: Paul Crosby
Fort Myers Art Group
Title or Location: And so, my love
I have had some luck with abstracts in the past, but got away from them when pet commissions and nature-oriented subjects filled my days. Recently, however, I found myself looking for something different, and I was inspired to get back to this very different way of painting. I'm having fun again! This is one of a series that is coming together, interpreting the emotions of love and longing. I hope you enjoy it, and will check out my web site, and perhaps join my mailing list!
Credit: Lee Perrault
Facebook: LeePerraultPaints
Instagram: @perraultlee
Buffalo Art Group
Title or Location: Heartache
This is the third of my abstracts in what I'm hoping will be a series called "A Woman's Life". I'm trying to express emotions through the composition, colors and the attitude of the subject. This is a very challenging project but I'm seriously enjoying it and I hope that other people will enjoy viewing what I come up with.
Credit: Cynthia Chapman
Facebook: c2 artistry
Instagram: cynthia.chapman.583

Colorado Springs Art Group
Title or Location: Kingfisher Pastel Drawing
Kingfisher on a Branch. Photo reference from class instructor. Pastel pencil on Pastelmat.
Credit: Jan Jensen
Facebook: Jan Brown Jensen
Belfast Art Group
Title or Location: Party in the park
Mixed media on box canvas 100 x 60 cm?200
Credit: Anne Adams
Facebook: Anne Adams
Instagram: Anne3248
Belfast Art Group
Title or Location:
This was my first baby boy commission a few years ago. When it was finished I really did miss that sweet smile beaming out at me from the easel. Mostly Unison Soft pastels on Pastelmat, 29cm.
Credit: Sharon Dunlop

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